In Our Community

Oxbow is grateful to be part of a unique and energetic community here in Vermont. We take several days every year to give back to important initiatives. Let’s put these pasty computer hands to good work. Give us a shout if you could use some volunteer support!


IS Bernie Crazy?

While 2016 may have not been the best year for facts in politics, we thought one presidential candidate's domestic policies could use a bit more explaining. In January of 2016 we launched Is Bernie Crazy?, an interactive exploration into the domestic policy platform of Burlington’s own Bernie Sanders. 

Wheelpad l3c

Serving as a corporate sponsor of LaunchVTOxbow was fortuitously connected with Wheel Pad. Wheel Pad’s goal is to “respectfully and supportively provide transitional housing for Veterans, and others, newly needing accessible living accommodations in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way.” Oxbow teamed up with Wheel Pad to provide strategic and creative support for the L3C’s admirable work.



In an effort to prove we can do more than push pixels, the Oxbow team dedicated a day of work to help out with the Gardens Project at Rock Point, whose goal is to create a community around education and local food production initiatives. Shovels and rakes took the place of tablets and pens to help construct an outdoor kitchen classroom to complement the newly built gardens and the independent permaculture project.


Though some might think tuberculosis is a remnant of the past in the US, thousands of Americans still live with the bacterial disease. We joined up with David Rochkind & TBFree USA to produce a short segment that aired in Times Square, driving awareness around this issue and the people affected by it.



Looking Ahead

We have big plans in the works for 2017. As our team continues to grow, we are on the lookout for forward-thinking clients, talented partners, and new faces to join the family. Drop us a line… we’d love to hear from you!