Juan Enriquez is a futurist, academic, businessman, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. He's the founding director of the Life Sciences Project at Harvard Business School, and is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the economic and political impacts of life sciences. He is currently the Managing Director of Excel Venture Management and the CEO and Chairman of Biotechonomy, LLC.

LifeCode | Science and Wonder | 11.06.15

A seasoned TED vet, Juan spoke during the sixth and final night of the series. His topic: editing the genome (coined "Lifecode") and what it could mean for future generations of the human species. Juan guided us through a brief history of Lifecode, discussing the current and future applications of the technology. He forecasted the ethical complexity and societal implications, warning us to be both mindful and preemptive in our inevitable adoption of the revolutionary science.

An colorful character by all accounts (evidenced by his electric yellow sneakers-see pics below) Juan loves to incorporate humor and personality into his talks. With such a controversial and ominous issue, we decided to choose as a delivery system the most human form of communication we know of: texting. We filled his presentation with emojis, iMessage GUI graphics, and memes, making the conversation more personal and approachable to the viewer. What - you don't text with your friends about non-random mutation and the human genome?