In the constantly shifting landscape of content creation, it’s best to have a whole smorgasbord of options at your disposal. The menu below provides a price range for various services.

Want something you don’t see on here? Please get in touch and see how we can help.


We offer display ad design for all major Google Display Network sizes, ranging from simple static graphics to fully-interactive content.

  1. Static - Starting at $1,250

  2. Animated/HTML5 (Rich Media) - Starting $1,750

  3. Interactive (Click/Hover) - Starting at $2,500


We produce various types of microcontent for use on social platforms, landing pages, and microsites.

1. Static - $500-$1,000

3. CINEMAGRAPH - $500-$1,000


2. Animated - $1,000-$1,250

4. INTERACTIVE - $1,000-$1,500


What’s the point of having beautiful, thoughtful content if there’s no place for it to live? We build custom landing pages and single scrolling sites that make your content shine. Looking for something even more engaging? We also craft hand-coded microsites that vary in complexity and design.

1. Landing Page - $3,000-$5,000 

2. Single-Page Scrolling - $4,000-$7,500

3. MicroSite - $10,000+


From animated book-ends to live action and stop motion, we’re your one-stop video shop. We can handle any project from start to finish, or jump in when it makes sense for you and your team.

 1. Live Action - Ask for quote


 2. Vector Animation - Starting at $10,000 per minute


 3. 3D and STOP MOTION Animation - starting at $12,000 per minute

Data Visualization

Need an easy way to explain a hard idea?  Our data visualization services combine design and data to break down complex subjects into bite-sized chunks.

 1. Static Infographic - $2,250-$4,000

 2. Infographic with light interactive - $2,750-$4,500

 3. Interactive Data Viz/Infographic - $2,500-$10,000