Sangeeta Bhatia is a biological engineer and professor at MIT, where she investigates applications of micro- and nano-technology for tissue repair and regeneration. In 2003, Bhatia was named to the Top 100 Innovators to Watch Under 35 by MIT Technology Review TR100 and as a Scientist to Watch by "The Scientist" in 2006. 

The Power of Miniaturization | Science and Wonder | 11.06.15

Dr. Bhatia has made a career off of thinking small. Really small. At MIT, she leads investigations into the biological applications of nanotechnology. The possibilities are endless, says Bhatia. To prove it, she explained one such application: detecting cancerous tumors. The conventional screening process is extremely expensive and difficult to administer, often leaving tumors undetected until it's too late. Using her nano signals, we can quickly and efficiently detect tumors in the body at a shockingly low cost with a relatively small amount of equipment.  

For Sangeeta's presentation, we were tasked with animating the journey the nano signal takes as it enters the blood stream, detects the tumor, and releases a signal that is filtered out of the body through the kidney. OXBOW ensured that the 3D sequence was both scientifically accurate and diagrammatic, providing the viewer with a detailed look into the human body. The simple, off-white animated world transported the viewer while remaining true to the brand.