The Initiative for Global Development | Washington, D.C. 


The Initiative for Global Development’s vision is for business to realize its potential as the most powerful force for poverty reduction in the world. Working towards this goal, Oxbow helped to produce a short video series addressing the misperceptions about investing in Africa.

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Oxbow worked carefully to capture both the essential business concepts and the underlying humanity in each lesson of this series.  Appealing to a very wide audience of business leaders, politicians, and everyone in between, we employed engaging motion graphics and a dynamic editing style. The final product was designed to capture the viewer’s attention and make a quick, yet lasting impression.





Statistics gathered from this specific project highlight positive trends relating to exposure and user engagement. This concept resulted in viewers reacting more via social media platforms, implying a higher rate of interaction and interest.



Through the videos, op-ed articles, online campaigns, events, and media coverage, IGD’s project was able to generate impact at various different levels: from raising awareness about investing in Africa by crafting a different narrative about the continent, to engaging its audience to take actions which range from participating in online and offline conversations, to joining IGD’s influential Frontier Leader Network.

We were very happy to involve Oxbow from the get-go of our project and see the strategic synergy in our collaboration. They were superb in understanding our needs and extremely pleasant to work with. Our project was a complete success; we will definitely continue this relationship in the long-term and look forward to more wonderful collaborative efforts to come.
— The Initiative for Global Development