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TED’s commitment to spreading “ideas worth sharing” extends to TED-Ed, where they aim to share informative and fascinating lessons with the world. With this in mind, OXBOW was tasked with creating an animated short documenting the four extraordinary papers that Albert Einstein published in the span of seven months.  

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From the beginning of this project, OXBOW aimed to capture the fascinating dichotomy of Einstein’s quirky, whimsical character and his world-changing discoveries. Though the animation has a light and playful feel, we worked closely with Stanford Professor Larry Lagerstrom to ensure that it maintained scientific accuracy. Because the fairly complex conceptual content, OXBOW also wanted to avoid giving the viewer unnecessary distractions. 




Statistics gathered from this project highlight a significant increase in the clients exposure via social media. It also indicated an increase in audience interaction, as reflected by the project’s impressive data in relation to “likes” and “shares” on Facebook and Youtube. 



In addition to setting a like record on TED-Ed’s Facebook page, Einstein’s Miracle Year was hugely successful in generating follow-up engagement both on the TED-Ed lesson portal and on their social media platforms.  Due to the success of the video, TED-Ed published a follow-up interview with Oxbow discussing the unique style and animation techniques used.