360 for the Planet - Strategy

Oxbow Partnered with 1% for the Planet for an awareness campaign to generate brand awareness while “Earth Day” focused a global spotlight on the issues impacting our planet.


Work → Earth Day 18

Earth Day 2018 (#360fortheplanet)

1% For The Planet | Interactive Microsite & Social Engagement Campaign

Believe it or not, only 3% of all philanthropy goes to the environment. Oxbow partnered with 1% for the Planet for an awareness campaign to build an engaged audience and generate some friction for the brand while "Earth Day" focused the global spotlight on issues impacting our planet. The majority of users aren’t loyal to the 1% brand or cause just yet, so this campaign was all about engagement and brand awareness. We aimed to expose the 1% brand to new, high value prospects while deepening its connection with the existing “core” audience in order to grow that 3% during "giving season." 


Campaign GOALS

  1. Increase awareness for #360fortheplanet Earth Day user-submitted video “contest”
  2. Drive traffic to the campaign microsite
  3. Influence action with campaign microsite engagers
  4. Build momentum for future outreach towards larger brand objectives



We aligned the user journey with pre-determined campaign goals, so every touch point intended to drive users towards a realistic, incremental step forward. We leveraged our best assets for the heavy lifting: a vast and engaged member and partner network (consisting of some of the largest and most influential eco-friendly brands) and a growing library of user-submitted content.


Oxbow executed a multi-channel campaign with tailored messaging for each audience at each stage of the “journey.” We drove traffic to the campaign microsite for directions and context. In the crucial weeks leading up to Earth Day, users submitted 360 videos showing why they value the planet, with the best videos featured on the campaign site.



Impressions: 2.3M total impressions

Reach: 1.3M total reach


Visits: 40K campaign site visits

Users: 33.5K campaign site users

Social Engagement: 975 user submissions on Instagram using #360fortheplanet


Followers: 2,000+ new Instagram followers

Newsletter: 174 newsletter signups