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Winter at Colgate

Colgate University | Interactive Microsite

Colgate University is widely known as a top-tier liberal arts school. And if you’ve ever been to Hamilton, New York, you know that it’s also known for being cold as hell. This can intimidate qualified prospective students who might not be used to the arctic climate.

In true Colgate fashion, the Raiders make the most of the cozy winter months. Oxbow partnered with the college to help capture the unique culture of winter at Colgate.


The Approach


Departing from Colgate’s main website, Oxbow built an independent microsite that transports the viewer to the snug, snowy nooks of campus. Viewers are immersed with 360 video (or virtual reality) in campus vignettes on the quad, the sledding hill, the hockey rink, and downtown Hamilton.


Oxbow’s creative approach centered on authenticity. We crafted a curated, user-friendly environment for viewers to experience Colgate unfiltered.


And of course, we created a custom loader GIF.