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How to Know the Future

Eric Haseltine |  Day 5: Science and Wonder @ TED Talks Live NYC

Remember that curious professor whose passion for the subject matter was uncontainable? That's Eric Haseltine. An accomplished technologist, his talk centered around human innovation, and how we must use the successes of past innovators as a playbook to determine our own future. He chose to tell the stories of three unlikely scientists and their incredible contributions to humankind.


The Approach

With Eric, it was all about the personalities, so we chose to design the presentation as an interactive app that highlights the rag-tag team of explorers, innovators and doers. These personal portraits are set within a futuristic visual environment with bright color gradients, dynamic textures, and kinetic typography.


The Event

During the first week of November 2015, TED Talks Live electrified the Town Hall Theater in New York City. Hosted by author and comedian Baratunde Thurston, the event featured six nights of thought-provoking talks, short films and musical performances. The stellar speaker lineup included biological engineers, futurists, animators, and everything in between. For the first time ever, TED opened the event to the public.