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Harvard Business Publishing | Animation


Harvard ManageMentor Spark is a new kind of online learning, designed to be digested on the fly by high-powered individuals with busy lives. It’s personalized, learner-driven, and flexible, making it a one-of-a-kind experience that its customers deserve.

People who don’t have time to take a normal online class probably don’t have time to read a full product description, which is where we came in. The solution? A short animation delivering the benefits of HMM Spark, while simultaneously showcasing its interface and a little bit of its fun side.


The Approach


We used a mix of traditional illustrated animation in combination with a stop-motion technique applied to photography.

It was important to highlight the system interface in order to show prospective learners what their experience could look like. So, we incorporated examples of the system (and added some flair along the way).

One of our team's favorite frames involves a technicolor dream suit. Watch the entire animation for the full experience.