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Is Bernie Crazy

An Oxbow Project | Interactive Journey

Backing a politician for office isn’t hard–understanding their policy platform is. We joined the grassroots community supporting Bernie Sanders to craft an interactive informational resource that would succinctly outline his domestic policy platforms and test their efficacy around the world. The primary goal of this project was to engage visitors and provide a captivating experience inviting them to weigh in on the issues in a unique, memorable way.


The ApproacH


Oxbow researched Sanders’ proposed platforms and similar platforms utilized around the world, ultimately identifying four primary focus issues and uncovering supporting data. We then crafted a data-informed journey for the user to experience, engage with, and draw their own conclusions from.




The site was designed to be a fully immersive, media-rich experience, utilizing a wide array of dynamic content types. Given the hyperbolic and obsessive media coverage of the election circuit, we wanted to offer plenty of cultural reference points for users in the form of topical GIFs and memes playfully embedded into the journey.


THE Results


By tapping into conversations happening in political communities online and creating a crazy Bernie parody Twitter account, we drove visitors from both sides of the aisle to explore Bernie’s domestic policies. Then, with the help of a few slightly unsettling memes, we let them make their own judgement with one question–is Bernie crazy, or is he maybe on to something here? With an average session duration of 4 minutes and 19 seconds and a bounce rate of 25%, Is Bernie Crazy vastly outperformed other policy and campaign-related sites, engaging users more effectively and more in-depth than any comparable site of its kind.