Journey of the Jaguar

JourneyoftheJaguar.org is an interactive website that allows people to track Panthera's team via real time content updates as they embark on an epic conservation mission to secure the 5,000 mile Jaguar Corridor from Mexico to Argentina!


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Journey of the Jaguar

Panthera ~ Interactive Microsite & Digital Campaign


Jaguars face rapid habitat loss, poachers, and population isolation, all of which are threatening the specie’s health and existence. Without proactive conservation measures, these beautiful creatures may ultimately face extinction. Now, sixteen years after he initiated a radical shift in jaguar conservation, Panthera’s Dr. Alan Rabinowitz is returning to jaguar country on one of the most ambitious conservation missions in history: to secure the 5,000-mile Jaguar Corridor that runs from Mexico to Argentina. Over the next three years, Dr. Rabinowitz will journey deep into jaguar country with Panthera’s scientists and partners to protect jaguars across the entire range. In partnership with governments, corporations, and local communities, Panthera is working to preserve the genetic integrity of the jaguar by protecting core jaguar populations and the vital connectivity that has sustained them for hundreds of thousands of years.




The Journey of the Jaguar is uniquely bold in vision, scale, and reach. Panthera partnered with Oxbow to ensure that the compelling story is captured and shared with supporters and advocates worldwide. The effectiveness of the campaign relies on beautiful storytelling and tactful activation of Panthera’s global audiences.

Oxbow captured the emotion and audacity of the journey with a custom campaign brand, content, and interactive microsite. The story is told chronologically as Dr. Rabinowitz travels south through the corridor. Over the next 3 years, Oxbow will share this journey with Panthera’s advocates in an integrated digital campaign.


THE Results


Initial expectations were almost immediately exceeded upon launching the site. The goal was lead acquisition, an Panthera's Jaguar email list doubled in size within a week of campaign launch. The average session duration during that time was 1:37, with a conversion rate of over 13%. Engagement soared across other channels as well; over 55,000 people tuned in for Dr. Rabinowitz's Facebook Live Q&A. The launch was a resounding success, and has built a strong foundation for a whole host of new adventures over the next three years. 


The site won Gold at the 2018 AVA Digital Awards in the category of Creative Web-Based Production. The AVA Awards recognize and celebrate the excellence of creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication.