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Let's Talk Progress

Burlington, Vermont is all about smart growth. Everyone has a voice and the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce is responsible for bringing people together to discuss a better future!


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Let's Talk Progress

Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce | Event Series

We’re proud of our Vermont roots here at Oxbow. Our city, Burlington, is steeped in rich history. Maybe more importantly, Vermonters have unique and bold vision for the future based on sustainability, equity, health and innovation.

Despite Burlingtonians’ common values, growth can be a touchy subject. Oxbow jumped at the opportunity to partner with the Kauffman Foundation and the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce to create a platform for constructive conversation about Smart Growth in our hometown.


The Approach


Oxbow was given a blank canvas for this campaign. Informed by a deep research and discovery process, we first developed a modular, energetic, and whimsical campaign brand to lay a cohesive foundation. A custom-built campaign microsite served as home base to an overview video, as well as event information and issue-specific background content.

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The Brand


At its core, this initiative was meant to de-stigmatize talks about development and arm the public with the tools and knowledge they need to make more informed decisions together about the future of Burlington. We created a brand that was bright and optimistic with a direct and informed tone. We used a arts-and-crafts, hand-made aesthetic to echo the hands-on nature of the project that we, as citizens, are all working on in real time. The use of urban space was a keynote issue, so as a storytelling device we established a grid of tetris-like blocks that, when placed together efficiently, shone in full technicolor. 

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The Events


Then the real fun began. The Let’s Talk Progress series hosts 8-10 electrifying speakers from around the country to discuss the elements of smart growth: jobs, housing, transportation social equity, and the environment. You can watch the talks that have already happened here.

Oxbow is currently running multi-channel direct response campaigns to drive event attendance and issue awareness.