Tampons By The Numbers

LOLA is pushing the boundaries of feminine care products and they tapped Oxbow to distill their values of transparency, convenience, and personalization through a beautiful, albeit truthful, animation.


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Tampons By The Numbers

LOLA | Animation

The average woman uses more than 10,000 tampons over the course of her life. That's pretty staggering.

Something else that's pretty staggering? The FDA doesn't require feminine care companies to disclose the ingredients in their products. LOLA is disrupting the feminine hygiene industry with seemingly-obvious values: transparency, convenience, and personalization. Oxbow partnered with LOLA to capture their essence and value with two animations for acquisition campaigns.


The Approach


Armed with a clean, refined brand and a confident voice, we created LOLA world, a minimalist environment full of bright colors and crisp, product-focused compositions. Making sure to avoid metaphors (like the tired tampon ads of yore), we instead looked for a way to humanize the process, using simple, direct language and clean visual communication.


Adopting a variety of animation techniques, from vector animation to stop-motion to 3D product rendering, we presented a highly dynamic and unexpected sequence of events.

Inherent in the story is the difference between the mysterious, FDA-shrouded tampons that have remained unchanged for generations, and LOLA's transparent new product line.




While the awareness campaign is still underway, the series has been a runaway success for LOLA. Sales and engagement have both gained momentum, positioning the company well as it continues to topple industry giants.