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One Small Thing

University of Vermont Medical Center | Digital Campaign 

Most businesses seek Oxbow’s help to bring more customers through the door. The University of Vermont Medical Center wants just the opposite – to keep Vermonters healthy, happy, and out of the hospital. The UVM Medical Center is undergoing a fundamental shift from a reactive healthcare model to a preventative approach. With this in mind, UVMMC tapped Oxbow to help envision, produce, and distribute useful and engaging content designed to help Vermonters to lead healthier lives.  


The Approach


Oxbow ideated, scripted and produced 3 live-action videos for the “One Small Thing” series. The videos provide useful, incremental suggestions on how to eat, sleep, and move better. Relatability was the keyword for this campaign. We labored over every detail to ensure that the campaign content was accessible, realistic, and actually doable. No high horses allowed.

After developing a comprehensive digital strategy, Oxbow built a campaign microsite, produced the video series, and deployed a suite of content to raise awareness for the Medical Center. We built a dedicated community of engagers, and then handed them the keys to encourage each other as they incrementally progressed.  


The Results


High click-through and conversion rates are par for the course these days. For this campaign, digital metrics were just a means to an end: behavior change. This campaign garnered nearly 5 million impressions. From our survey results, we found that 56% of participants watched all 3 videos. To what effect? 36% of participants improved physical movement, 33% improved food choices and planning, and 23% improved sleep and energy renewal. Now that's what we call success.