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Bates’ Purposeful Work program allows students to identify their strengths and passions, and then how to use these tools to achieve goals in their education and life after college.


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Purposeful Work

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Bates’ Purposeful Work program helps students to not only uncover their strengths and passions, but to develop the technical skills to achieve their goals. The program focuses on a well-rounded liberal arts education, ensuring that students get plenty of hands-on experience and exposure to real practitioners in the field. In essence, Purposeful Work is a culmination of the Bates liberal arts experience.


Campaign goals

  1. Distill the complex program details of Purposeful Work in a user-focused and controlled digital environment.

  2. Create an interactive tool for user segmentation to prospect, increase donations and influence action.




For the site’s first iteration, we highlighted three students that exemplify Purposeful Work. We helped Bates to develop a Purposeful Work student ambassador program, and designed the site to accommodate a new cohort every year. Then, to help Bates spread the word, we created custom content specific to each audience segment of the site’s visitors. A prospective student has different needs than an alum, so we included a “user gate” that helps us identify users to customize copy, imagery, and user experience for each segment.