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UVM Medical Center | Digital Fundraising Campaign

Most people think of a hospital as a place to go when you’re sick or injured. In an effort to change that perception (and reality), the UVM Medical Center is shifting from a reactive model to a proactive community resource for well-being and health. Instead of treating patients in the hospital, the UVMMC is developing resources to keep patients happy, healthy, and outside of the hospital all together. The UVM Medical Center tapped Oxbow to design, develop, and distribute the Resolution Generator for their 2017 New Year’s campaign.


The Approach


The campaign centerpiece was an interactive microsite where users could generate custom resolutions within a set of five wellbeing categories: physical, social, community, financial, and career. Using a cast of colorful characters from all corners of the animal kingdom, Oxbow illustrated a suite of tongue-in-cheek memes to accompany the resolutions. Users were encouraged to cycle through the set until they found the right one, where they could then commit to the resolution and share with their friends.




Oxbow designed and developed the interactive experience, which sat on a custom platform rich with SVG animation, dynamic transitions, and a robust back-end data matrix. 


Video Content
Oxbow created a suite of animated microcontent to onboard users about Wellbeing and encourage them to make a resolution.




The goal of this campaign was to engage the local population in activities and content essential to their wellbeing through the form of New Year's resolutions. More than 25% of site visitors committed to at least one resolution, and of those who committed, 78% reported that they kept their resolution with the help of follow up content from the campaign.