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Want Kids to Learn Well? Feed Them Well

SAM KASS |  Day 1: The Education Revolution @ TED Talks Live NYC

As one of the Obamas' most trusted policy advisors and a renowned chef in his own right, Sam Kass has a unique cultural and political perspective on the food crises afflicting our country. Speaking on the second night of Education and Revolution, Sam explained how a lack of proper nutrition in schools, particularly those in low-income districts, is compromising the potential of our country's future generations. Sam weaved a compelling narrative, offering a wealth of both significant data points and personal anecdotes. 


The Approach

Oxbow created a stark yet optimistic tone, realizing Sam's ideas in a series of brief vignettes through the visual lens of an imaginative student.  We used bright, playful hues and simple line-work to bring light, and color, to this culturally significant issue. 


The Event

During the first week of November 2015, TED Talks Live electrified the Town Hall Theater in New York City. Hosted by author and comedian Baratunde Thurston, the event featured six nights of thought-provoking talks, short films and musical performances. The stellar speaker lineup included biological engineers, futurists, animators, and everything in between. For the first time ever, TED opened the event to the public.