We’re naturally proactive but intentionally flexible, meaning we research and plan for efficiency but things change quickly so we have a reactive response “baked in.”



Oxbow’s strategic services aren’t unique. You’ll find countless agencies who will happily barrage with you buzzwords, tools, and (often empty) promises to explode your business with digital marketing.

What is unique is Oxbow’s thoughtful approach, thorough process, and ruthless (wc?) execution of our strategic services. We’ll craft a plan for you to achieve your marketing goals effectively, avoiding redundancy and outlandish media spending. Today, a fast-paced, multi-platform approach is crucial. From research and planning to reporting and analytics, our process is intentionally iterative… and we’ll be damned if it doesn’t drive results

Paired with our award-winning creative, Oxbow’s strategy team is here to help you grow your audience, build awareness, and convert prospects like it’s our job... because it is.


Strategic Process

Research & Discover

Find the truth even if it's tough to hear.
· Research
· Audience Insights
· Goals & Objectives
· Methodology
· Obstacles
· Timing
· User Mapping
· Goal/KPI Development
· Comprehensive Digital Audit


Make a road map supported by data
· User Journey
· Concept Development
· Content Creation
· Channel Selection
· Strategy
· Brand/Communications Planning


Press play, and pause if need be
· Segment
· Target
· Deploy
· Media Buying


Watch and listen to test and optimize ”on the fly”
· Identify Trends
· React
· Update & Test Creative
· Optimize & Reallocate
· A/B Testing

Analyze & Report

Assemble and organize the data to tell a story (non-fiction)
· Exposure
· Engagement
· Effect
· Analytics & Reporting


Case Studies