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With all of the online classes available these days it can be hard to stand out. Oxbow partnered with the University of Chicago to create an animation and prospecting campaign aimed at driving business professionals to a new program for data analytics in the modern age, check it out!


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Data Analytics For Business Professionals

University of Chicago Graham School | Animation & Enrollment Campaign

Online course options are endless, but the University of Chicago’s Graham School stands out by bringing in professors from the field to teach their classes. Their certificate course offering on Business Analytics is flexible, engaging, and ultimately well-received by employers. Oxbow partnered with the University of Chicago to develop promotional content for the Business Analytics program, and to engage and convert new prospective students to enroll. The University of Chicago tapped Oxbow to lead the campaign. In a short "sprint" engagement, we created 180 new prospects, enrolled 22 new students and received $16.65 in revenue for every $1 ad spend - a great start for the University of Chicago's brand new online program.


Campaign GOALS

  1. Create Awareness - Educational Program Info, Enrollment & Advocacy
  2. Increase & Measure Engagement - Action-Specific (Variable)
  3. Drive Action - Urgency & Strong CTA - “Apply Now”
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Creating awareness about the program in a vast and competitive marketplace would be pricey. Instead, we knew the best value would come from the strongest advocates for the school and candidates for the program - the alumni community and student body, regardless of where they live now. By driving traffic to the new campaign page, creating ongoing content responding (remarketing) to on-site actions, and gently steering users towards the next step in the decision making process, we were able to increase enrollment and build an outreach structure for future program outreach.



Prospects: 180 prospects created

Enrolled: 22 enrolled students

ROAS: $18 made for every $1 spent (ROAS = 1,844%)


Impressions: 2.3M total impressions

Reach: 250K total reach


Visits: 7K visits (75% return visitors)

Clicks: 8,553 clicks

Social Engagement: 16,628 social engagements