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VPR is listener supported and VPR Next is a digital fundraising campaign aimed to help meet some lofty donation goals for our favorite radio station.


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VPR Next

Vermont Public Radio ~ Digital Fundraising Campaign

VPR is a Vermont institution – an essential and trusted independent voice for news, information, music and cultural exploration that boasts the most listeners per capita of any public media outlet in the country. VPR and Oxbow teamed up to launch VPR Next, a $10 million fundraising campaign with a goal to transform the sound of Vermont’s future. In the spring of 2016, Oxbow joined forces with Vermont Public Radio to take their VPR Next campaign digital.


The Approach


Oxbow led VPR through strategic planning and the production of a manifesto video that serves as the centerpiece for VPR’s fundraising campaign. Though most Vermonters have some relationship with VPR, few can match the faces, and the history, to those trusted voices on the radio. Oxbow used this insight to tell a visual narrative that focused on the genesis of public radio in Vermont, VPR’s current place in the media landscape, and what the future of Vermont could look like with a successful campaign. Upon launch, Oxbow also provided distribution consultation to craft a cohesive narrative through multichannel microcontent.




VPR Next successfully raised $10 million, which will support VPR’s new headquarters, expanded programming, and a public studio event space–ensuring the future of Vermont’s most important source of investigative journalism.